EduGeek Community Laptop Use Policy (to accompany a Staff AUP)

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Laptop User Policy

Purpose of this document

  • This document intends to outline the permitted uses of School-owned laptops and accessories.
  • All rules contained within are sourced from LEA and Becta recommendations and must be strictly followed. Breaching these rules may result in disciplinary action.

General information

  • All laptops and accessories remain the property of the school and are on loan to staff whilst they are employed at the School.
  • At no time is the laptop the personal property of any staff member. Laptops must be presented upon request and must be returned upon the staff member leaving the School's employ.

Use of laptops

  • All staff are reminded that staff wishing to use the laptops to store information, such as student or staff data, should only do so when it s essential, and under the guidance of the Data Protection Act 1988

Non-networked laptops

  • Laptops that are not configured to use the School network must not be connected to the School's data infrastructure – this includes the use of the School's Internet Connection. These laptops should also not be connected to devices such as printers, digital projectors, etc.
  • No support will be given to unconfigured laptops other than for serious hardware issues.
  • No attempt will be made to recover data in these situations and it is the user's responsibility to make sure that data is backed up.
  • It is also the user's responsibility to ensure that the laptop is fully patched and receives regular virus updates. Failure to do so may result in viruses being transferred to School via email or removable storage devices.

Networked laptops

  • Laptops that are configured to use the School network may be connected to the School's data infrastructure using any 'live' data socket or a wireless connection (where available).
  • The laptops will then have access to the full range of software and services, plus a default printer will be allocated (usually in a departmental office).
  • Laptops should be used within School at least once a month to receive software patches and antivirus updates. These will be performed automatically and will be transparent to the end user.
  • An offline copy of any user files will be kept on the laptop. These are synchronised at logoff and are encrypted automatically for security. These files will also be stored on the network for access in School and backed up following the School's standard backup regime.

Illegal and suspect activity

Laptops must not be used for any illegal or suspect activity. This includes:

  • The use of illegally obtained software – this is all software that does not have a valid license certificate
  • Use of the laptop for questionable activity – including the deliberate viewing of inappropriate material on the Internet
  • Actions that may contravene the Computer Misuse Act 1990