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This page is currently being used to produce a new set of forum rules. Once the rules have been finalised and agreed by the EduGeek Site Staff they will be put into force.

To make EduGeek an enjoyable experience for we ask users to follow these simple rules.

  1. Advertisements and 'spam' posts are strictly forbidden - anybody committing this offence will be banned
    1. The exception to this rule is that forum sponsors and advertisers may promote in an unobtrusive manner within their sponsored forum and the forum dedicated to these promotions
  2. Flame wars will not be tolerated and members' views should be respected
  3. Members are asked to use the site's search facility before posting a question to prevent the same questions being asked repeatedly and so that they may find a resolution more quickly
  4. Threads should be posted within only one forum... if the thread is found to be in the wrong forum a moderator will move it to the correct place
  5. Members should endeavour to keep 'on topic' within threads
    1. Should a matter arise from the discussions within a thread please post a new thread and link to it
  6. All posts, personnel messages, usernames and all usage of the site must be inoffensive
    1. Users who contravene 'netiquette' may receive flames (angry messages) pointing out the error of their ways, however we ask that you avoid 'flame wars'
  7. Discussion boards can lack tone and inference, incerasing the opportunity to be misunderstood
    1. Be careful when making points
    2. Smiley icons should be used for this purpose
  8. Be tolerant of others - users of all abilities and experiences share this site
    1. We ask you not to bad mouth specific groups of people i.e. teachers, LSA, caretakers. Remember there are bad ICT support staff as well. All people should be able to join this forum if they wish
  9. Please note that all views expressed in posts, news article, blog entries, etc. are those of the contributor and not of EduGeek
  10. If discussing bad service from a company please make sure that you back your claim up with what happened
    1. e.g. Company A was bad because they failed to deliver the goods even though we asked several times etc
  11. All users agree to follow the terms and conditions of the site which latest version can be found at add address here
  12. We reserve the right to preview, verify or modify the content of users posts
    1. As a rule we will not edit posts unless we feel the need to
    2. where messgaes are editted we will make it obvious
    3. It may also be necessary to take action against a member... this may be, but is not exclusively, warning the user, banning the user for period of time or banning the user completely
  13. The administrator reserves the right to delete any contribution or terminate the membership of any person judged to have abused this service
  14. Examples of inappropriate use include
    1. Sending unwanted email to addresses gathered from this site
    2. Posting of business advertisements and chain letters
    3. Posts which could be considered to be objectionable by other users of the service or the service provider
    4. Posts containing links to inappropriate websites
  15. If you believe that a post or your membership was unfairly removed, or if you wish to draw attention to abuse, please contact the either the mods or site admins if you still disagree then you can contact site creator by sending message to dos_box and his word is final