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Member co-ordination for EduGeek Conference 2010

Important: if you make changes other than adding yourself to a list, please sign your entries with four tildes (~,x4), which looks like this -- Powdarrmonkey 11:17, 9 April 2010 (UTC)


Unless a sponsor steps up, you need to pay for and arrange accommodation yourself. A coach is available from Preston North Ibis to the conference venue.

Allow about £40 per night at current prices for the Ibis Preston North -- Powdarrmonkey 11:17, 9 April 2010 (UTC)


If you can give a lift or need to find one, please note it here. Make contact through the forum's Private Messaging.

  • powdarrmonkey
    • Alcester, Warwickshire to Preston; car, three one space available; 1st June PM
    • Preston to Alcester; car, three one space available; 2nd June after conference
  • GrumbleDook
    • Kettering to Preston, 1 space available; 1st June PM
    • Preston to Kettering, 1 space available; 3rd June AM
  • rayfleming
    • Oxfordshire to Conference, Car, 2 spaces available; 1st June PM
    • Conference to Oxfordshire, Car, 2 spaces available; 2nd June PM
  • znova
    • Derbyshire to Conference and back, Car, 3 spaces available; 2nd June AM/PM; day trip only, early start!
  • simplesi
    • Chorley/Euxton train station to conf and back - shuttle taxi service :) (But not after 8am on Wed as I'm on the door!
  • chilbs
    • Cheshire to Preston, Car, 3 spaces Available, 1st June PM
    • Preston to Cheshire, Car, 3 spaces Available, 3rd June AM


General-purpose internet is available through the free wifi at the conference centre [1] -- Powdarrmonkey 13:28, 26 May 2010 (UTC)