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Creator: Zak Fleming

Script Language: VBS

Forum topic Link:

This is a simple, but very effect script. When you run this script you can check the status of your Windows servers in seconds. Simply edit the server names used here to the names of your servers. Please not the areas where I haven’t used numbers or hyphens you will have to replace these with something more suitable.

<vb> Dim logon, fndconeN, fndctwo, fnexchange Dim filesys, objshell, servermessage,

Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

fndconeN = "OFF" fndctwo = "OFF" fnexchange = "OFF"

If filesys.FileExists ("\\fn-dc-01N\c$\WINDOWS\win.ini") Then fndconeN = "ON" If filesys.FileExists ("\\FN-DC-02\c$\WINDOWS\win.ini") Then fndctwo = "ON" If filesys.FileExists ("\\FN-Exchange\c$\WINDOWS\win.ini") Then fnexchange = "ON"

servermessage = "FN-DC-01N = " & fndconeN & VBCR & "FN-DC-02 = " & fndctwo & VBCR &"FN-Exchange = " & fnexchange

retval = objShell.Popup(servermessage, ,"Server Status",0 + 64 )

wscript.quit </vb>