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Here's a fun little list of initialisms for what BSF could stand for. Please feel free to add your own.

  • Brown's Shady Funding (sahmeepee)
  • Britain's Sad Future
  • Breaking Schools of the Future
  • Businesses Siphon the Funds (steve)
  • Bleed Schools of Finances (steve)
  • Bankrolling Shysters and Fatcats (steve)
  • Buying Substandard Facilities (steve)
  • Buying Sycophants Ferraris (steve)
  • Buggering up Schools for the Future (localzuk)
  • Beats Stepping up Funding (somabc)
  • Big Schools Fcuk-up
  • B.S. FAIL. (gwendes)
  • Broken Servers Forever (timzim)
  • Brilliantly Shafting Futurism (Andy T)