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I'm using Elektron RADIUS server from for my wireless security solution and I've been waiting months for them to release a version that performs machine authentication and finally they've released ver 1.2 that does.

I chose this RADIUS server because the installation is a snap. 10 minutes and it's all set up ready to go.

Until now it didn't authenticate machines which meant that a student would have allready had to log on to a laptop before they could access it as the secure wireless connection was only setup after logon. Now the machine does this beforehand.

The windows wireless security policy gpo also allows you to specify all the things you need such as SSID and certificate so once thats done connect the machine via a cable run gpudate then it's all setup for secure wireless connections.

One option you have via the gpo that I can't find when setting up the connection manually on a laptop is how it handles future authentication here you can set it so that the machine is always the one being authenticated rather than the user.

If you set it to be the machine first and then the user when their credentials are available then it'll start to login using the machine details and then drop the connection and reconnect with the users details.

There still appears to be a bug in this version of Elektron that if you view the details of your servers certificate from the Elektron settings tool you can't close the subsequent window. I have reported this back to them so there may be a bug fix version soon.