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Information Request Form -
Freedom of Information Policy / Data Protection Policy

Please complete the following form below providing as much detail as possible to allow the College to identify and locate the information requested.

Completed forms should be return in a sealed envelope to the College marked Information Request and for the attention of the Headteacher.

Details of Applicant

Daytime telephone:
Evening telephone:
Mobile telephone:
E-mail Address:

If this application is being made on behalf of an organisation please provide details below:

Name of Organisation:-

Details of Request

To allow your request to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, please give as much detail as you can. You should try to give, where known, names of previous contacts, dates, file references, site location or description. If you are not sure about something it may be better to ask first and we will try to help you. However, if your request cannot be clarified even with our help, we may not be able to find the information that you really want.


Fees and Charges

The College may charge a fee for providing you with the information you have requested. This is based on the number of photocopies made, administrative time and sundry costs. If it is necessary to make a charge we will notify you of the amount payable following the receipt of your application.

Data Protection

The personal information that you provide will be used to process and administer your request for information. It may be share with educational agencies, the Borough and County Councils and externally with other agencies for this purpose. Personal information will be held in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.