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Adobe CS4 Web Premium

Adobe Drive

Adobe Drive will cause Sophos to report errors to the Sophos Console every boot. So far I have not found a way to make the Sophos client stop reporting the errors.

Errors will also be created in the System Event Log:

Event Type:Error

Event Source:SAVOnAccessFilter

Event Category:None

Event ID:53






The on-access driver failed to attach to \Device\ADVirtualDisk\Volume, because the IO method is not supported.

I've also found posts on various sites about Adobe Drive interfering with mapped drives, based on what I have read I think this may only affect Vista.

Solution: Remove Adobe Drive

Adobe Version Cue

Are you really going to use Adobe Version Cue? If not, remove that too.

Adobe Dreamweaver

If Dreamweaver complains that "Could not locate the Resources file in the Configuration folder. This file is required to run Dreamweaver. Please reinstall the application.", then you need to re-install Dreamweaver using the “English (International)” language set.