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This section is dedicated to the eeePC made by ASUS and sold by RM, PCWorld, Efficient PC and others.

It is a small form factor computer utilising solid-state(SSD) memory instead of a hard drive and includes a 7 in 800x480 display, speakers, webcam (certain models only) and built in wi-fi.

It has several USB ports, an SD-card slot and a standard VGA output.

It comes with varying amounts of RAM memory and SSD sizes of 2GB or 4GB.

It arrives pre-loaded with a Linux OS based on Xandros but can be easily changed to Windows XP or almost any other operating system if needed (and appropriate license obtained).

It comes bundled with many applications including the Openoffice suite and is intended as a truly personal computer.

Click on the links below to find more information on configuring/using it in school networks