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ACTIVstudio Professional 3.0.73 GPO Guide:

STAGE 1: Goto and put in your serial number from version 2. You will then you get a email with a limited download page. Download the EXE (and the shared resource files if needed - see stage 4 for info about install)

Extract the MSI from the EXE. To do this you have several options: Use a extrator tool (free): Go to once you have installed the program right-click the EXE and click "Uniextract". Then select the second option and follow the onscreen messages.

If you do not want to use this app you can manually obtain the MSI by doing one following: 1. Running the setup.exe with /a command line switch. It'll ask you where to put the files. It'll then extract the contents of the wrapped MSI where ever you told it to.

2. Run the setup.exe and stay at the first screen. With the installer still running in the background, check the content of C:\WINDOWS\Installer (in some environments it ends up in your %TEMP% folder instead) You should see the msi and related files unpacked there.

3. Run the exe and wait to the first "next" button dialogue appears. Then browse to YOUR temp folder under:
c:\documents and settings\{username}\local settings\temp

Run you MSI editor (orca for example) and create a transform with the following properties set in the "Properties" table (this list will be revised ad-hock):

COMPANYNAME = {your company name}
PIDKEY = {the serial for version 2 or 3 WITHOUT "-" or spaces}
RebootYesNo = No
ALLUSERS = 2 {this installs in per-machine mode not per-user}

The Shared Resources directory must be a unc as using a mapped drive causes a error (as the installing account SYSTEM does not have the mapped drive. You can change this though later or I can hack out the check if you need it.

STAGE 4: Shared resources setup - optional
NOTE: I have not finished testing this theory yet.
Once you have your activestudio MSI setup, install it on the client.
Now the resource files you downloaded should have association with a app. Double click each overriding any current files. Do not re-index any area until you are adding the last file in the series. You MUST re-index to get the resources to work (I believe) but I would wait till all the resources are added before doing it. Staff do not need write access for this area so far as I have tested but if you allow them then they can add there own resources.
More info will follow...

STAGE 5: Deploy
Deploy the MSI with the transform as per your usual methods.


Known Issues:
None so far...

Further help:
If you are having problems please post your issues at
Also if it works you can vote on your success there.