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2Simple software packages are nowadays all provided with an MSI so installing them is a heck of a lot easier than most but there is a small hiccup in that they require a small modification to the GPO policy distributing them

The information is readily available from 2Simple if you contact and ask them for their Network Installation for WIN2000 or 2003 Networks document.

To paraphrase for those with tech know how what you need to do is edit the GPO policy on an XP machine that has already received the distro.

  1. Open the XP machines GPO editor
  2. Expand the “Windows Settings”
  3. Choose the “File System” and right click to “Add File...”
  4. Browse to the particular 2Simple package you want to update eg: “2Create a Story”
  5. Clicking “OK” will produce a permissions window
  6. Add the “Domain Users” group for your domain and give them “Full Control”
  7. Click “OK” and make sure the next screen has “Propogate inheritable permissions to all subfolders and files”
  8. Finish up with another “OK” and then run the “gpupdate” to update your policy..
  9. Repeat as necessary for your other 2Simple products.

This seems to be a close match to the “Make a local Administrator” fix that seems to work for some GPO distributed packages so it may solve other package install issues.

For CC3 users, 2Simple provide CC3 msis which seem to be more reliable than most RM Curriculum Choice titles.


The database that stores all users information and thus can be used as a sort of "roaming profile" is stored as a registry key in:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\2Simple Software\2Type\Settings] "mdbPath"="Z:\\APPS\\YOUR_PATH\\2simple\\2Type"

NB: The double quotes are required for this

You will need to install the application once and then copy the data folder from the local PC to the share location you want to use on the network.


This time the database path is in an ini file.

Again you need to install the application on at least one workstation and then copy the alexandria.mdb database file to your intended network share.

Then edit 2Review+.ini with the new path eg:

[Database] Path=Z:\APPS\YOUR_PATH\2simple\2Review\alexandria.mdb