• RM Neon EduGeek Scripting Challenge Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of the RM Neon Edugeek Scripting competition. RM Education joined with EduGeek to launch a challenge to see who is the King or Queen of Scripts. The competition celebrates the release of RM Neon, an exciting new cloud solution from RM Education, designed to revolutionise the way that you manage your school’s IT.

    Overall Winner:

    Script that enables schools to import class/set lists from SIMS into Exchange as distribution groups.
    PlayStation 4 and a free year’s subscription to RM Neon

    Runner Up:

    Minecraft prizes

    Revealed for the first time at this year’s BETT conference, RM Neon was created to address the needs and challenges facing IT managers in schools of all sizes, helping them to deal with the rapidly changing technology that is integrated into teaching and learning on a daily basis.

    RM Neon empowers IT managers and their team to view and manage a school’s entire infrastructure network from a range of different devices, all through one interface. RM Neon also features flight decks, a script library and a support community giving IT managers instant access to technical expertise and knowledge.

    Through the Control Centre, IT managers can make real-time decisions wherever they are based, meaning that any issues can be quickly identified and rectified before they become a costly and time-consuming disruption. The flightdeck graphs and tables can be customised to allow staff to manage day-to-day operations while identifying new trends, and the flight decks can be customised to share with the school’s wider management team to enable greater collaboration and effective planning for the future.

    Bron Musgrave, Product Manager at RM Education, said: “Through the research we carried out, we found that IT managers had highlighted a need to create their own customised flight decks so it’s easier for them and other staff to access key performance data and the metrics that are important to them.

    “In addition to the benefits RM Neon offers to IT staff, it has hugely positive implications for the entire school. Through RM Neon, IT managers can share common network tasks, enabling teachers and support staff to change passwords and do other routine tasks.“Not only does this increase efficiency across the whole school’s operations but it frees up schools’ IT staff to dedicate their expertise to more complex scenarios.”

    RM Neon also incorporates a local PowerShell script library which helps to increase productivity by allowing the network team to create and edit management tools to run jobs that can be simply scheduled by their staff at the touch of a button. These scripts can then be shared with the wider RM Neon Community, where IT staff can access and exchange knowledge and best practice techniques and collaborate with other professionals across the UK.

    For more about RM Neon, visit www.rmneon.com

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    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      Well done @Ephelyon!

      - - - Updated - - -

      Well done @Ephelyon
    1. Ephelyon's Avatar
      Ephelyon -
      You too!
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      Well done to both of you.
    1. sonofsanta's Avatar
      sonofsanta -
      What did your script do @nephilim?
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      @sonofsanta I had the following

      script to list target user’s group membership in Active Directory.
      script to retrieve and review the Disk Quota settings on a given computer.
      script to get details from Nic Driver page on a given machine and report in Excel.
      script will allow you to return the Network Operating System (NOS) names for machines specified in a text file called MachineList and enumerate the NOS caption as in the example results set below.
      script to retrieve the list of scheduled tasks on a computer.
      script to find passwords that do not have an expiry date.
      script to replicate an Active Directory set up for testing purposes.
      script for printer migration from one server to another.
      script to set quota based on OU.

      That was all I submitted...don't know which one they picked.
    1. Arthur's Avatar
      Arthur -
      @ZeroHour. Will there are another RM Neon Scripting Challenge next year?
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      surely it would be the RM people you would need to ask?