• A letter of thanks from VeryPC

    Dear EduGeekers,

    As you are probably already aware because of our stylish green ‘homepage takeover’ theme on EduGeek this week, VeryPC have just turned 10 years old.

    Looking both back and forward at this landmark anniversary, we want to extend our thanks for all the support, feedback and involvement from our old, new and future customers, friends, colleagues and foes who have helped us build what I believe is a fantastic company and a great place to work.

    We believe here at VeryPC that building a successful business is based on knowledge, honesty and providing the best person to person service we are capable of. Being part of EduGeek has helped us improve on and demonstrate these principles. About a year and a half ago we became an EduGeek sponsor, and as a company we made a real effort to connect through competitions, freebies, deals, a bit of tech advice, general discussion and just plain having fun. You welcomed us and our ways warmly into the community, and for that we are truly grateful. Being part of EduGeek enables us to become a better supplier of ICT hardware and services by using this fantastic platform to engage with and learn from our customers and target market.

    It is no understatement to say that EduGeek has been an important part of our company’s success whilst we’ve been a sponsor here. You have really helped us achieve remarkable growth. Because of this growth, we recently achieved Intel Platinum partner status and are now one of the top 20 Intel suppliers in the UK.

    Our competitions on EduGeek have been a really fun way to promote VeryPC. Our latest competition had more entrants than ever before; it reached further and included anyone who wanted to enter via our website. I want to tell you, right now, that as a way of showing our gratitude to The EduGeek community, we will continue to have special EduGeek competitions and promotions exclusively for you guys.

    So I just want to say thank you EduGeek and thank you EduGeekers. We love it here. You are awesome, and we’ll be happy spending the next 10 years with you.

    Andy Hopton @verypc_andy
    Managing Director

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    1. VeryPC's Avatar
      VeryPC -
      Many thanks from all at VeryPC for the nice messages. EduGeekers rule!

    1. hawc's Avatar
      hawc -
      Is @VeryPC going to be staying out late - getting hammered. Then they will revise overnight (with energy drinks that have laxative effects) and then pooing themselves in an exam!
    1. fairm010's Avatar
      fairm010 -
      Well done @VeryPC!

      You've done 10 full rotations of a big star!

    1. VeryPC's Avatar
      VeryPC -
      Quote Originally Posted by fairm010 View Post
      You've done 10 full rotations of a big star!
      Yup - it really is that arbitrary.

      Any excuse for a whoop and a holler though eh?

    1. fairm010's Avatar
      fairm010 -
      Of course!
    1. hardtailstar's Avatar
      hardtailstar -
      Happy Birthday @VeryPC!!
      @VeryPC_Colin_M will know about how long our order took but it was fun sending all the emails being silly and generally made the whole experience easy that you guys are down as my preferred supplier.

      long may it continue
    1. XiJ's Avatar
      XiJ -
      Just recently started a new relationship with VeryPC and found them great. A nice loan machine arrived today - it's very very quick with the i5 and SSD thank you!
    1. TomDrummer's Avatar
      TomDrummer -
      Happy belated!

      ... I liked the green, can we keep it? :P
    1. VeryPC's Avatar
      VeryPC -
      Quote Originally Posted by TomDrummer View Post
      Happy belated!

      ... I liked the green, can we keep it? :P
      If only... might look a bit like favouritism if they did though.

      - and thank you!

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