• Problems loading the Forum's list

    Our Forum's listing page uses a system called jQuery to dynamically load information rather then processing the whole forum's list.
    If the /forums/ area is blank and all you see is a spinning logo there are a few things you need to check which can cause the forums list not to load.

    Please check:
    • Javascript is enabled on your browser
    • Adblock/Noscript allow .edugeek.net and .cdngeek.net scripts
    • You net filtering isnt blocking a script
    • Your browser is up to date (Chrome/IE8+/FireFox 10+)

    If you still have problems please contact us with the following information:
    • Your browser version
    • Your OS & Version
    • Do it affect all browsers on that client?
    • When did you start experiencing the issue

    By using this page

    This page will be updated with scenarios as the arise.