• EduGeek Reaches 1,000,000 Posts

    Well, we've done it. Or, to be more precise, you've done it. Between all 65,500+ of you, EduGeek now has over 1,000,000 posts of helpful advice, assistance, recommendations, rants and lolz within the EduGeek forums and in the process have made countless techies lives throughout the world a lot less stressful.
    We haven’t even included the tens of thousands of non-members who visit EduGeek each day to get the help they need either. Oh, and if you do lurk and use EduGeek, please join in and share your knowledge. You know you are more than welcome.
    So let us begin by saying a big thank you to you all, and in no particular order:

    • You, the members – Every time we get to meet you it is a joy, and I don’t think there is an online community anywhere with the breadth of knowledge you guys have.
    • Our Moderators – Without who we’d drown in day to day site policing issues
    • Our Sponsors, both past and present, who have helped to keep EduGeek running
    • Tony Sheppard (@Grumbledook) and Russell Dyas (@Russdev) for being our first 'official' presence anywhere
    • All of you who have helped us out behind the scenes over the years. From professional advice, manning the stand at shows, doing logos for us at midnight, speaking, exhibiting or lending a hand at our conferences, or just dropping us a friendly email to say thanks. We appreciate it.
    • Companies, too many to mention - For helping to fund events and other behind the scenes help

    To celebrate this HUGE event we shall be running several competitions over the next month or so with some very strictly limited edition prizes and goodies. So please keep an eye on the homepage for more information as and when they go live.

    We also feel it only fit to show you some statistics that you may not have previously seen, just to give you an idea of the size of community you have helped to build over the past few years. Now, usually when we reach a landmark figure we tend to only show you stats from the past 12 months or so, but this time we are going to show you our long term growth trends which should give you an idea of not only where we have come from, but where we are going as regards to traffic and member levels. And for our older members who have been around the site since the beginning I think you will be amazed.

    Lets begin with the growth in membership over the past years. I can remember getting excited when we had over 30 people on the site at one time back in late 2005 after we had only been up and running for 4 months or so. Now it is very rare that this number drops below 1000, even during the quietest of times and in case you are wondering, during the busy periods in the afternoon we commonly have over 2200 visitors running around the site.

    Not at all shabby! And let’s compare this to our annual visit numbers since 2008:

    Both of the charts above show an amazingly steady growth pattern and yes, the vertical axis scale is in millions! In the past 12 months (Oct 2012-Oct 2013) we have received over 22.6 million visits from around the world, so if you send us a PM please don’t take offense if it doesn't get replied to straight away. We’re very busy bunnies here!
    On average we get just under 62,000 visits per day. To split this down, during the working week we get about 80,000 visits each day, and obviously that drops slightly during the weekend as apparently many of you have lives

    And where are you all coming from? Well, the answer is simple. All over the globe.
    See below for a pie chart showing you our top 5 regions, but in total our members and visitors are drawn from a total of 238 countries, principalities and regions worldwide.

    And our demographic? Well, as most of you should know, we specialise in Education because supporting the hard pressed techs working in educational environments was the reason for the creation of EduGeek in the first place. However, over the years, as we have grown and members have moved jobs we have had to change the tagline from ‘The educational IT professionals life line’ to ‘The IT professionals life line’ to reflect that our members now come from all sectors, including government departments, health, banking, technology and pretty much any area where IT is utilised make up a large chunk of our traffic.
    And you are all very, very welcome.

    And that’s the story so far. Since 2005 when a small forum was created with the founder anticipating no more than a couple of hundred members, we have grown into what is possibly the world’s largest resource for those working with IT in educational environments and beyond. And it’s all down to you.
    You should all be very proud of yourselves.

    Let’s see where we go in the next 8 years.


    Chris (@Dos_Box), Shaun (@ZeroHour) and Ric (@Ric_)

    P.S. We should have hit the 1,000,000 mark about a week or so back but we decided to clear out some old legacy posts and threads which were part of the count but were system messages etc.

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    1. elsiegee40's Avatar
      elsiegee40 -
      I can remember us getting past 1000 members... it is amazing how fast this place has grown!

      Thank you and well done @Dos_Box for an amazing idea... and of course thanks to the many other "friends I met on the internet" who keep this place up running and as active as it is... especially those who I meet up with thus completely ruining what I teach for eSafety

    1. Little-Miss's Avatar
      Little-Miss -
      The amount of times this place has saved me from a meltdown is unreal and for that I'm eternally grateful.

      I was reading some of my old posts from way back in 2007 and it's quite interesting to see how I've developed from being a complete newbie Network Manager to someone who erm...is a bit better haha and that's all because I've got a virtual term of several thousand techies available to give advice or pass the hob-nobs.

      So yay Edugeek! I'm proud to be part of the community.
    1. bodminman's Avatar
      bodminman -
      Excellent stuff.

      This community has truly been a godsend and I would like to say a thankyou from me and also a HUGE congratulations!
    1. rad's Avatar
      rad -
      Thanks all for what I believe is our Search Engine. Even my boss uses Edugeek to get answers (not sure if he is a member!)
    1. Soulfish's Avatar
      Soulfish -
      Woo! Can still remember finding the site while applying for my first NM role - haven't look back since!

      Here's to the next major milestone!
    1. Quackers's Avatar
      Quackers -
      Do you have any visitor stats showing OS's and browser data percentage for edugeek? Just curious.
    1. Domino's Avatar
      Domino -
      hey, they have edugeek on the internet now! neat.
    1. tech_guy's Avatar
      tech_guy -
      Why not give a prize to the bod who posted the millionth post?!
    1. featured_spectre's Avatar
      featured_spectre -
      nahhh...we've all been victims to the 1 millionth user / post malarkey
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      Quote Originally Posted by Quackers View Post
      Do you have any visitor stats showing OS's and browser data percentage for edugeek? Just curious.
      OK, I'll get the less exciting stats together for you in the morning
      Truth be told though, I've not looked at those for some time now. I wonder if we have any Windows 9x visitors still?
    1. tech_guy's Avatar
      tech_guy -
      The hotel I stayed at in Delhi a couple of years back had PCs running '95 - and were still using the cougar wallpaper!
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      I only turned up because people had gone missing from uk.education.schools-it!
      Thanks for letting us all play in you sandpit, Chris ... It has been, and still is, a blast.
    1. FN-GM's Avatar
      FN-GM -
      What specific post was 1,000,000?
    1. tech_guy's Avatar
      tech_guy -
      Probably me moaning about my job?
    1. witch's Avatar
      witch -
      It's been great. edugeek has been a lifeline for me over the years (8...eek!!) and I have made some good friends on here, some still virtual, some now real

      I couldn't do my job without it (some say I can't do my job with it, either, but that's another matter....)

      Gotta get me pompoms out!
    1. localzuk's Avatar
      localzuk -
      Woop! An invaluable resource for anyone working in IT.
    1. synaesthesia's Avatar
      synaesthesia -
      Fantastic stuff! Like many others, it's been an invaluable tool since I started working in education. It's even recognised as an official resources here; the SLT and academy are very supportive of collaborative working and laud Edugeek for it's value in doing just that.
      Worth it's weight in gold - I hope you guys have some damn heavy servers!
    1. Rawns's Avatar
      Rawns -
      Awesome stuff and big congrats to all! This is a community I can never see myself leaving!

      Any idea who got the lucky 1,000,000th post? I bet it was @X-13!
    1. RichCowell's Avatar
      RichCowell -
      Fantastic news!! Proud to be a part of this awesome community :-)
    1. captaincharisma's Avatar
      captaincharisma -
      Ah this put a smile on my face this morning. Well done to everyone!