• BETT 2013 'Thank You'

    At last, once more, for us BETT is finally over (we only go home on Sunday) and now it’s time to thank the myriad of people, companies and organisations who have helped, amused, fed and made us all at EduGeek smile and feel wanted throughout this year’s BETT period.
    So, let’s begin, and in no particular order:

    • Smoothwall – For being our gracious hosts and allowing us to share their stand. As always, a pleasure
    • The EduGeek stand staff - @Soulfish, @Domino, @robk, @john, @GrumbleDook, @TheScarfedOne, @Ric_. Without your help Shaun and I would be knee deep in pizza and visitors
    • Tim Bush @Microsoft UK Education – For organising the loan of the Dell W8 Tablet for us. We were very impressed and it came in quite handy
    • Stone Computers – Thanks for the quick loan of the netbook. It made our interactive map slightly less laggy than the one we brought with us!
    • Anders – Great to see you again and welcome to the dark side!
    • Nick @Joskos for the Subway rolls just when we needed feeding. Cheers
    • Phong, and the other night staff at the Travelodge Greenwich for keeping the ‘interesting’ people out
    • Will @Education Support Professionals for inviting us to his party. Doochers!
    • @elsiegee40, @witch – For EduHobnobs and Jaffa Cakes aplenty
    • ICT Direct for their home made touch table. Easily the coolest thing in the show to my mind
    • Luke @Millgate – Sorry I missed you, but the vast quantities of crisps, Doritos and sweeties came in handy
    • @Otter – Anyone who travels 8000 miles just to drop off some Cadburys Buttons deserves a special mention
    • Seeing Ken Royal come to the stand at his first ever visit to BETT. As ever he was kind generous and in demand. I hope this is his first of many BETT shows
    • Alan @VeryPC for coming all that way to see us and losing not just his marbles!
    • All of the people who came by the stand simply to say ‘Thank you’. It was very humbling to see so many of you
    • All of our forum sponsors who were at the show, many of whom we got to meet in the flesh for the first time
    • Awesome Merchandise and Digital ID for producing our freebies and lanyards at very short notice and delivering them on time
    • @X-13 For having the most amusing BETT visitor badge text. GlaDOS Wrangler indeed!
    • The Docklands Light Railway for getting us the 7-8 miles from our hotel to ExCel in half the time it takes us to do the mile and a half from our usual hotel in Kensington to Olympia by taxi. Although you don’t have to smell other peoples armpits in a taxi
    • Red Bull and Tropicana. You know what for

    And last but by no means least. Everyone who came to see us and say hi, or gave us a wave in passing. It was an awesome show made all the better for seeing you all, and we must apologise for the lack of webcam for those of you that couldn't make it. We had it up and running at the stand, but unfortunately the firewall at ExCel is set a little on the strict side so we couldn't deliver the images securely to our server.
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    1. jenny_urey's Avatar
      jenny_urey -
      ...is @Domino the makeup artist of Edugeek? @GrumbleDook ..... excellent job!

      Twas a great BETT!
    1. john's Avatar
      john -
      Quote Originally Posted by jenny_urey View Post
      ...is @Domino the makeup artist of Edugeek? @GrumbleDook ..... excellent job!

      Twas a great BETT!
      Mr @Domino is the makeup artist of choice he's got all the top celebs after him Madonna, Elton John, Status Quo, The Who you name it there after him
    1. Domino's Avatar
      Domino -
      Yeah, that's totally me.

      Why,Dd I not look like your average makeup artist?
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