• EduGeek at BETT 2013 - Orange OPC Demo

    OPC creator Charlie Cooper gives us a short walk through of the product and its capabilities.
    Some info:
    The first computer of its kind to have a built-in high powered speaker which delivers superb full range hi-fi quality sounds as well as vintage guitar sounds.

    The first computer to have a universal input jack enabling users to plug in a multitude of musical instruments (guitar, keyboard etc ) and peripherals such as the iPod, MP3 players, microphones.

    A unique cooling system to ensure air goes in and exits only after cooling the internal computer

    The OPC is available with advanced Intel processors. The Intel 2100 is available as a beefy 3.1Ghz dual core CPU with 4 threads. For these wanting more power and a smarter processor, the Intel 2500K quad core offers faster stock speeds of 3.3Ghz and dynamically overclocks itself up to 3.7Ghz depending on the power needed from your applications. The most demanding users will enjoy the i7-2600k quad core which dynamically overclocks up to 3.8Ghz with 8 threads offering a huge amount of power for your creativity.

    For more information, visit www.orangeopc.com

    Thanks to @Domino for filming the demo.