• 100,000 Threads - Woohoo!!

    Wow, and we really do mean WOW! EduGeek now has over 100,000 threads gracing its myriad of forums, and this is a really major milestone for a community like ours in that the rate of thread creation is increasing, as is the membership levels far faster than we had predicted.
    So we'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has either started a thread or posted in one. You make it all worthwhile, and without your contributions and questions, EduGeek would not have come as far as it has in the seven and a half years we have been running. So, just to celebrate here are a few figures for you to digest:

    Site Stats (taken from Google Analytics 01/01/12 - 01/01/13):

    Visits: 20,023,176
    Pageviews: 32,950,296

    Top 3 visiting countries:

    • US - 5,839,855 visits
    • UK - 5,331,900 visits
    • Australia- 912,383 visits

    Top 3 Browsers used to visit EduGeek:

    • Internet Explorer - 31.70%
    • Chrome - 31.25%
    • Firefox - 29.78%

    Top 3 Operating system used to browse EduGeek:

    • Windows - 86.88%
    • Mac - 6.26%
    • Linux - 3.98%

    User Stats (all time):

    Top 3 Posters:

    • Localzuk – 14302 posts
    • FN-GM – 13,190 posts
    • Geoff – 11,567 posts

    Most people on site at any one time: 2252 (On the 4th Dec 2012)

    Daily visits during a normal working day: 80,000+

    Members: 57,000+ (as of yesterday)

    Posts: 888,901

    New Members (welcome!) in the past 12 months: 14,598

    Obscure stuff:
    Whilst gathering these stats I came across some rather random things, such as the 415 Windows 98 users who browsed the site last year! But not to be outdone are the 335,342 Windows NT users still out there. I have to celebrate a tiny bit though as this is the first year we have not seen a single instance of Windows ME on the site although 544,825 visitors are still using Vista. C'mon guys!
    And not to let the Mac guys off the hook we see that 54,868 visitors were still using OSX 10.5 and even 649 non-OSX Power PC Macs were catered for.
    What was also surprising was that we had 75 members join in June 2005 when we first went live. Seeing as the site wasn’t up until the 8th June that came as quite a shock when I found this out and we now get (on average) about 1200 new members per month.

    Now it’s back to BETT preparations, and we hope to see you there at the end of the month
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    1. ZeroHour's Avatar
      ZeroHour -
      The Apple stats are basically borked because they changed the way its reported mid year which will cause double reporting and just borked numbers.
    1. sted's Avatar
      sted -
      Quote Originally Posted by ZeroHour View Post
      The Apple stats are basically borked because they changed the way its reported mid year which will cause double reporting and just borked numbers.
      borked by them on purpose or not though as doubling hits makes their market share look bigger
    1. john's Avatar
      john -
      Nice to see mine, @ZeroHour and @SYNACK 's browsing is showing the stats on our Windows Phones
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