• New NetSupport Assist 1.10 for Mac and Linux

    We've just received word from our Network and Classroom Management forum sponsor NetSupport about a new update to their product range with NetSupport Assist 1.10 for Mac and Linux. Below is a copy of the PR release we were sent.

    New NetSupport Assist 1.10 - Mac® and Linux classroom monitoring and instruction software – introduces optimised File Transfer and Power Management capabilities

    Leading UK education software supplier NetSupport, developer of the market-leading classroom management solution for Windows, NetSupport School, is pleased to announce the latest update to its Mac® and Linux-compatible classroom monitoring and instruction tool, NetSupport Assist.

    Originally released in Spring 2011 and named Network Computing’s 2012 New Product of the Year, NetSupport Assist responds to the growing use of Mac® and Linux technology within today’s modern learning environments, providing teachers with a powerful combination of monitoring, presentation and collaboration tools that help with the efficient delivery of computer-led lessons.
    The addition of Assist to the company’s education portfolio saw NetSupport become the first classroom management software vendor to offer compatible solutions across Windows, Mac® and Linux environments, providing complete flexibility for mixed platform classrooms.

    Highlights in Version 1.10 include the introduction of NetSupport’s Delta File Transfer and Send/Collect Work technology, helping teachers and trainers automate the movement of coursework and files between teacher and student machines.
    Using a simple drag and drop interface to transfer files from the teacher machine to a selected student machine, NetSupport’s intelligent ‘Delta File Transfer’ technology is recognised as being one of the most efficient and powerful on the market, reducing data transfer times when overwriting files that already exist by checking individual blocks of data within a file and only transferring changed data.
    Further extending a teacher’s ability to automate and manage the distribution of work files, the Send and Collect Work feature enables a pre-prepared file to be sent to multiple student machines. At the end of the lesson, each file, appended with the individual student’s details, can be automatically retrieved by the teacher.

    Another key addition in the new version is Power Management, enabling all classroom computers to be centrally powered on or off with a single click.
    Commenting on the release of version 1.10, NetSupport’s Development Director, Rob Hawkins, said: “Our Windows-based classroom management technology is widely acknowledged as the market leader and we are confident that as more and more schools, colleges and universities adopt Mac® and Linux technology, NetSupport Assist will become the classroom instruction software of choice for these environments.

    “This latest update gives us the opportunity to continue the product’s evolution by adding our tried and tested File Transfer and Power Management technology and, in doing so, further enhancing a teacher’s classroom management toolkit.
    “The technical landscape within the modern school is continually evolving and we are naturally conscious that our software needs to keep pace. NetSupport Assist has already come a long way since it was launched, as recognised by our recent Network Computing award, and customers can expect further exciting updates in coming months.”
    Learn more about NetSupport Assist by visiting www.netsupportassist.com

    * NetSupport is a sponsor of EduGeek as well FYI.
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