• A little about the upcoming RM Technical Seminars

    If you hadn’t noticed, we are currently helping RM Education promote their forthcoming Technical Seminars. These training days are being held throughout England and Wales and cover a range of subjects that are not just related to RM products, and they are £85 + VAT to attend for the day.
    The seminars include:

    Managing Apple Devices
    I am sure many of you now face increasing calls for Apple devices and clients to be integrated into the classroom this seminar should prove extremely useful in getting up to speed with managing both iOS and Mac clients in your network environment. If integration seems daunting or even if you are currently testing various approaches and devices this is the seminar for you to get up to speed fast.
    During this session you will be shown a variety of tools available to aid management using OS X Lion Server whether it be managing iOS or even trying to integrate Mac clients into your existing network as well as touching on dealing with users bringing their own devices in.
    We have been assured that although this is a quite a technical session you will be eased into the technical parts and naturally is network agnostic so a Community Connect network is not necessary.

    Developing an Effective AV and Classroom Technology Strategy
    This session will take you beyond whiteboards and projectors! It will both educate and inform on the very latest AV technologies entering schools and how best to utilise them. From DLP, LED, LCD and OLED this seminar will take your hand and explain all of these technologies with a focus on the connection of a large array of external devices through them. The seminar will also discuss how you can best plan, install and support a variety of devices, from iPods, iPads and Android tablets all the way up to 3D displays, visualizers and digital signage.

    Negotiation Techniques
    The increasingly multi-faceted nature of the ICT profession in education has made negotiation skills all the more essential – be it communicating with staff, teachers, students, SMT or external bodies (even support providers!). The session is aiming to point the way towards making these processes easier for both you and the party you are negotiating with.
    This seminar includes a range of techniques that can be tried out to see what suits the individual – as not everybody is comfortable with the more aggressive “negotiating” styles and we aim to give you a good background in the processes and theory behind effective negotiating.

    Managed Wireless Networks
    This is a fully practical session demonstrating a live managed wireless network provided by Meru Networks, running data, voice and video over a managed wireless network. This session will discuss and demonstrate how to connect, configure and manage a variety of wireless devices such as laptops, phones and tablets to a wireless network, as well as discussing the issues around the increasingly popular BYOD policies some schools are now implementing and talking about the issues this raises.

    Introduction to Programming:
    This session will look at how you can introduce programming back in to school as well as giving you the basics on programming including hands on time coding yourselves. It will also look at options for allowing users to program on your network whilst keeping it secure and reliable.

    CC3 What Next?
    Community Connect 3 is coming to the end of its life. This session will cover details on what options you have to migrate to CC4, whether it is a gradual or complete migration and how RM Education can help you to achieve it. If you're currently using CC3 then this is the session that will demonstrate the ease of moving to Community Connect 4 Management toolset

    CC4 Management: Your way to an RM Easylife:
    The network manager has many jobs to do within a school, some proactive and some reactive. In This session we will be looking at different software solutions to simplify some of these jobs as there are now a range of remote and scheduled management tools available which can help to manage both your proactive and reactive tasks. There will be lots of demonstrations to show how CC4 can simplify everyday network management tasks with its range of remote and scheduled management tools.

    CC4 Troubleshooting: Drivers
    This session will look at how drivers work with both hardware and operating systems, and how they integrate with CC4 for RM and non RM hardware plus perhaps most importantly, how to troubleshoot driver problems. If you are currently managing any network this session will be of use, if you are managing a CC4 network this session will explain how to understand CC4 driver support and how to diagnose any problems you may see.

    CC4 The Future
    With Windows 8 just around the corner this is a good opportunity to have a look at the future of CC4. This session will include a look at Windows 8 in full as well as some other exciting new features of CC4. It’s a real chance to see what's coming soon in the world of CC4 and what we are working on for a little further in the future.

    How much does it cost?
    If you are already an RM school and have a current support contract you are entitled to 2 free places (pending availability) and places for non-RM schools are £85 per person, which for a training day covering such an array of varied subjects is very reasonable indeed. The seminar days are CPD certified via the CPD Certification Service (http://www.cpduk.co.uk/)

    Where can I attend?
    Stansted - 20th April
    Newcastle - 23rd April
    Runcorn - 25th April
    Birmingham - 27th April
    Oxford - 30th April
    Exeter - 2nd May
    Cardiff - 4th May
    Ashford - 9th May
    London - 11th May

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