• Windows Live SkyDrive gets an Update

    Windows Live SkyDrive gets a huge update to addresskey feedback, You should expect to see the first NEW SkyDrive release in a few hours. Follow SkyDrive on Twitter so that you can be one of the first people to know when it is live.

    You can find further information here: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_l...r-updates.aspx

    - James.
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    1. edutech4schools's Avatar
      edutech4schools -
      So it does something that Google apps already does.
    1. SYNACK's Avatar
      SYNACK -
      And gmail did something that hotmail did (webmail), what's your point? More providers spur more inovation, that is how it has always been unless you ask Apple.
    1. OutLawTorn's Avatar
      OutLawTorn -
      Syncing between Office Applications and Skydrive doesn't work through a proxy though, which makes it severely limited in a school environment (especially when you have no control over the proxy)... especially since they have updated the iOS and Windows Phone versions of the mobile app...