• Microsoft IT Academy Summit 2011 @ Reading HQ

    Microsoft are hosting their annual IT Academy Summit at their Reading HQ Offices today. A thread is available here for questions to ask at the event.

    Update: Slides from the event are available here http://www.microsoft.com/uk/educatio...11-slides.aspx

    Myself (@TheScarfedOne), and James (@EduTech) are attending - and keeping the Twitter feed up to date. If you want to see what is going on anf get involved - the hash tag to follow is #ITASUM11. We are keeping an eye on the feed - so if you have any questions, please send them across. Our direct twitter names are @TheScarfedOne and @EduTech90.

    The agenda is as follows...
    9.00 Welcome
    9.30 Introduction: Greg Pearson - MSFT UK Lead
    9.40 Keynote: Karen Price - CEO e-Skils, Steven Uden - Head of Skill & Economic Affairs MSFT
    10.10 ITA Benefits and Update: Greg Pearson - MSFT UK Lead
    10.40 Product Development: Simon Garratt - QCA
    11.10 Microsoft Lync: Ewan Dalton - MSFT

    11.40 BREAK

    12.10 Product Development: Ken Gaines - City and Guilds
    12.40 ITA in Practice: Alan Stevens - Sawtry College, Julian Brunger - Walsall College, Richard Seaton - Open University
    13.40 LUNCH
    14.10 Microsoft in Teaching and Learning: Lee Stott - MSFT
    15.30 Academic Service Partners - Prodigy and IT Skills Company

    Stuart Wilkie
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    1. zag's Avatar
      zag -
      I wouldn't bother to be honest. We tried to become a Microsoft academy last year but got bogged down in the admissions process. Failed web pages, excel spread sheets, non invoices, non working prices we had it all. I must have sent around 10 emails and numerous calls trying to sort it out but kept on being send around some Microsoft Polish call centre with automatic replies and 48hr deadlines to close the call. Arrrgh.... Also most of the people in the UK are 3rd party companies just looking for business. I never actually managed to speak to anyone from Mircosoft in the UK about it. Gave up in the end.
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