• Sharepoint Webinar

    Using SharePoint 2010 to create a highly developed Learning Gateway for education. Free webinar

    Details: Mike Herrity and Dave Coleman will be presenting this webinar live on Wednesday 6th July at 7pm BST/2pm EDT

    Sign up: Webinar: Creating A Learning Gateway For Education With SharePoint 2007 and 2010 | MetaVis

    Many of you will have heard bits of the story of Twynham School and our creation of a well-established learning platform using SharePoint. Through various case studies and presentations at conferences around the world over the last 5 years we have been very fortunate to be able to show our work creating compelling custom applications and engaging students and teachers to gain high user adoption. We have had quite a break from presenting and writing up our work for nearly a year and so we thought it might be useful to put a free webinar on to show you some of the new and exciting things we have done with our learning platform, SharePoint 2010.
    Well worth watching ... Dave has set up some nifty solutions and Mike has cracking advice about how to get the best educational use out of Sharepoint. Worth sharing with teachers and techies alike.
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    1. reggiep's Avatar
      reggiep -
      Bad timing, I can't skive off to watch it and it clashes with Emmerdale!
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      It should be a good one this evening. Mike & Dave are over in the states at the moment ... I hope they are enjoying themselves.
    1. Diello's Avatar
      Diello -
      Very interesting so far
    1. kevin_lane's Avatar
      kevin_lane -
      brill very good
    1. Butters's Avatar
      Butters -
      Was it recorded at all? Was unable to watch it due to travelling home
    1. Butters's Avatar
      Butters -
      Many thanks!
    1. Crowmanuk's Avatar
      Crowmanuk -
      Watching now, cheers
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