• Microsoft UK Primary Schools Fun Day

    Microsoft UK have announced a free open day to demostrate various solutions, tools and software that they have for primary schools. The day will be held on the 23rd June 2010 at the Microsoft Campus in Reading and is open to primary teachers, technicians, ICT Coordinators and advisers.

    There are 120 places and you can find out details on how to register and more on the Microsoft UK Schools Blog see:
    Register today for one of our Fun, Free days at Microsoft
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    1. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
      TheScarfedOne -
      There is also a Secondary Schools one on 13th June (which Im going to) link is also over on the MS Education Blog.
    1. speckytecky's Avatar
      speckytecky -
      These were rearranged. The cancelled 13th of June Secondary event is now to be held on Thursday 23rd of June 2011.
    1. speckytecky's Avatar
      speckytecky -
      I attended the event today - well worth the effort. Not a huge number of folk there - didn't count but it seemed closer to 50 that the 120 places on offer. That was a pity because the young enthusiastic team who took us through the day did a superb job. Clearly Microsoft recognises the importance of having schools on board and is making good efforts toward ensuring customer loyalty with things such as EES Licensing, the great free tools in Live Essentials 2011 (Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Mail, Messenger, Writer, Mesh and Family Safety). It was good to have things like Bing explained in greater detail - the visual search aspect seems particularly good for such things as history and geography but there are also great tools for maths with equations and science periodic tables for example. The World Wide telescope is awesome but requires the best connection. Other great tools worth having a good look at are: KODU, Autocollage, Songsmith, Community Clips Deep Zoom Composer Ribbon_Hero, A lot of these tools are free to Education through the UK partners in Learning sign up. The Microsoft Team took on board issues raised from the audience including how useful provision of MSI’s would be. The hospitality was great – the goody bag welcome although the small sized polo shirt is now my daughters as it wouldn’t accommodate my xl stomach! Thanks Microsoft for a really useful day out. I know that other Edugeekers attended and no doubt they will be able to add to (and probably correct) my observations.
    1. strawberry's Avatar
      strawberry -
      Food was good, small polo is currently swamping the kids. Think they must have used all the normal size one's at the technical meets
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      For NAACE Members there is another day next Friday (1st) and I am really looking forward to getting wowed.
    1. speckytecky's Avatar
      speckytecky -
      This Blog entry by Ellie Jones is far better than my earlier ramblings describing the current work of Microsoft for schools.