• Seamless Windows® 7 Migration Webinar

    Computer World UK are running a webinar on Windows 7 migration which they thought you guys may be interested in. Its free to register and attend on Tuesday 17th of May @ 2PM

    How to maximise control, compatibility and automation for the perfect rollout

    Join this webcast to identify the steps you need to take to deliver a seamless migration to Windows 7. Hear real life case studies of how schools and colleges are maximising internal and external resources to make the transition. In addition, we will examine key issues such as applications migration, data migration issues and how to ensure you are maximising your security solutions.

    What you will get from this webcast

    Identify the steps you should take to optimise security and control of critical applications.
    Understand the role of compatibility software toolkits and license management issues.
    Learn how to maximise automation and minimise costs.
    Hear real life experiences and key learnings of how other public sector bodies have delivered a seamless migration to Windows 7.

    Register Here for free

    Comments 9 Comments
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      15 mins to go...I look forward to this!
    1. machin05's Avatar
      machin05 -
      BGFL is playing up and the stream keeps sticking!!!
      Is anyone recording this?
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      I tried too but it failed. but it is a good webinar and I believe they will be making it available for download
    1. MGSTech's Avatar
      MGSTech -
      Quite good, difficult to be too technical in an hour!
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      indeed...will be good to see my question answered
    1. Alis_Klar's Avatar
      Alis_Klar -
      was only interested in automated deployment solutions so was a little disappointed at lack of content in this area.
    1. MYK-IT's Avatar
      MYK-IT -
      Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
      I tried too but it failed. but it is a good webinar and I believe they will be making it available for download
      Do you know if this is now available for download yet?

    1. plexer's Avatar
      plexer -
      Just had an email to say it's available.

    1. plexer's Avatar
      plexer -

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