• Windows InTune - Release Date 23rd March

    For anyone whom was at the Conference last week and remembers the part regarding Windows InTune the good news is that a release date has now been put forward for the 23rd March 2011.


    Windows InTune is a Cloud Based PC Managment solution from Microsoft. From what i saw and have read about this product it seems like it will be a very good product and soution for Small/Medium Businesses.

    I would also think it could be used quite well within schools whome maybe cant get System Centre. So Primary Schools?

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    1. box_l's Avatar
      box_l -
      $11 per computer per month for Windows Intune.

      This alone would rule it out for most schools in my opinion.

      I know that this includes upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise edition, but would a primary school need this?

    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      Compared to the cost of paying for an IT technician to come out on a more frequent basis it could be a reasonable option. A number of primary schools I know would love to have more pro-active support and monitoring from their IT support provider, but they cannot afford it. This could be a compromise ... gives the school and IT tech more efficient ways to keep things running?
    1. box_l's Avatar
      box_l -
      InTune provides the ability to:
      We use
      Manage updates WSUS (free)
      Protect PCs from malware Windows Defender (not the best, granted) (free)
      Proactively monitor PCs WSUS, AV monitoring (free, provided by county)
      Provide remote assistance Current remote access (in our SLA)
      Track hardware & software inventory Xia Configuration, spiceworks etc (cheap, free)
      Set security policies Group policy (free)

      I can see the advantage for a school/small business with none of these already implemented.

      The thing is it does not seem to be able to do a lot with physical issues, trolleys full of laptops that are switched off, teachers laptops that have WOL/WWOL but are encrypted and so on.

      And, as you say they cannot afford to spend more.

      If we added this to our schools, even the smallest would at least double their costs.

      Oh, and we are already pretty proactive with our monitoring, server updates, remote support etc.

    1. zag's Avatar
      zag -
      Ridiculously overpriced
    1. Ryan233's Avatar
      Ryan233 -
      I have just got Windows Intune for for the 8 primary schools i manage. It worked at £1.50 per month