• BSF Court Decision Announced

    A verdict on the court challenge by six councils regarding the scrapping of the Building Schools for Future program has been announced.

    Nottingham, Luton, Waltham Forest, Kent, Newham and Sandwell councils challenged the department of education claiming the scrapping of the scheme was unfair and unlawful. As a result of the hearing the judge, Mr Justice Holman, equated the decision by Michael Gove as an "abuse of power" due to failure to carry out a proper consultation on the scrapping of the controversial scheme.

    However, whilst the councils may be urging Michael Gove to reconsider his decision, the Department of Education also declared the hearing a success due to the BSF scheme remaining scrapped, resulting in confusion as to who has actually won the hearing with both sides claiming victory.

    More details can be found on the CYPNow website here.
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    1. AyatollahPies's Avatar
      AyatollahPies -
      Gove's actions were considered unlawful on the grounds that he failed "to discharge relevant statutory equality duties under the Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act and Disability Discrimination Act.
      Exqueese me? Baking powder?

      UK.gov's axing of school building plan 'unlawful' ? Channel Register
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      vikpaw -
      You gotta love the legal spiel
      Cases involving torture, persecution or other grave threats to human rights require anxious scrutiny; but this is not such a case and, as the claimants are themselves public authorities, no human rights issues arise.