• Edugeek/Microsoft Webinar Reminder

    Just a quick reminder of the joint EduGeek/Microsoft webinar due to go out at 3pm (GMT) on Wednesday the 26th Jan. We filmed this on Monday and it contains some very useful information for schools about how to plan for and work around budget cuts. It was fimed professionally (3 cameras, autocue, makeup etc.) because it needed all of the bits where Tony kept shouting 'OPEN SOURCE ROCKS!!!' editing out, and where I had to add comments, my thoughts trickled out of my brain due to BETT fatigue and we had to stop whilst people reminded me of my name, where we were, and that I would be allowed home after this was all finished.
    Joking aside, if you haven't yet signed up I would suggest you do if you have an interest in this subject. You can do this on the URL below and we'll (virtually) see you there.

    URL Removed as it is now redundant.
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    1. jcs808's Avatar
      jcs808 -
      Just watched this at home as it's blocked through our LEA connection. I'm not sure it will change the way our management work but it sure has given me a new outlook on how to prepare for what may be coming. Than you to all involved.
    1. PiqueABoo's Avatar
      PiqueABoo -
      You might find the following video interesting as to why there is this disjointed view about technology is good/bad in education.
      Yes it was interesting, but my reaction is a quantum theory-like superposition of states: approve of some honesty, disapprove of some of the truth that delivered.. knowledge economy is tosh was fine.. tech is not a panacea (words I've used here before) was fine... but then the bit that disturbed me.. they were only playing along with that to advance their real agenda. And I don't entirely grok that agenda, the collaborative spaces in which next generation will learn to survive the rest of the century.

      Perhaps the paper will be more enlightening, but suspect I'll just file it under abstract meta-blather and then get on with something that makes a real, immediate change for the better in some small corner of the edu-tech world.
    1. ZeroHour's Avatar
      ZeroHour -
      For those needing the link to watch again please register on:
      How to cut your schools IT spend from Microsoft - Webcast - CIO UK Magazine