• BETT 2011 - SANKOR…

    A quick walk through a new Open Source package for Interactive White Boards.

    You can download it for Mac OSX and Windows now from: http://sankore-program.org/
    Linux version will be live soon.

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    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      I actually like the look of that. For once the French did something good!

      May take a look as I want to ask a few questions
    1. dhicks's Avatar
      dhicks -
      Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
      May take a look as I want to ask a few questions
      It sounds interesting - I've just loaded the software up on my home PC to give it a try. It looks like a pretty much standard set of features - you can draw, highlight or erase lines, type a bit of text, that sort of thing. Any other features are up to added widgets, which makes sense. Does anyone else have experience with W3C widgets - are they basically embedable iframes or something? Is there any documentation on the file format that this software uses - can it load any other file formats, or Becta's common whiteboard format? Is there any support for file repositories?

      David Hicks
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      W3C widgets are pretty decent, they come very well Beta tested. If my French is correct (to be fair I haven't spoken it in over 8 years) it does support smartboard files but not promethian...but thats something I want to clarify
    1. dhicks's Avatar
      dhicks -
      If I've got this right, this is a French government-backed organisation of some kind? Are the French paying for resources to be created to start their resource library off? Is the overall aim of the organisation to get IWBs in a bunch of classrooms in Africa - basically like the OLPC, but for IWBs?

      David Hicks
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      You are correct, it was actually started by the French government due to the lack of consistency within the classrooms, so they set this initiative, however some of their colonies in Africa are being used as a Pilot for the scheme to be taken to Africa (Algeria specifically then branching out if successful).

      I am hoping that this is a success because it is something that could be used globally with either sets of boards!!

      One thing I really do like, is that you start the program and close it, it saves all by itself etc, fantastic!
    1. Domino's Avatar
      Domino -
      It does look really good - both from the demo we had and installing the software on our tablets.

      Its something that'll improve the more people use it - so why not give it a go?
    1. UKDarkstar's Avatar
      UKDarkstar -
      Wish I'd spotted this
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      UKDarkster, they were literally 4 stands away from the edugeek stand. I spent half hour with the guy going over the software, whilst its all in french, it is on a par with smartboard software and will very soon overtake if the features he mentioned get put in.

      The gentleman on the stand mentioned that it is compatible with smartboard files, however I think he might have meant it will be soon, because I can't get mine to work, none the less, great software and worth a go!
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