• BETT 2011: Lego Mindstorms Demo

    Embrace the madness that is BETT...

    A quick look around and a look at using Lego in the classroom.

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    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      That was a good demo, I want one for myself now!
    1. Devontechie's Avatar
      Devontechie -
      They are great fun to play with. Had them in my last school.
    1. witch's Avatar
      witch -
      we have been using the lego robots in IT for over a year now - the head of IT uses them to teach all sorts of things - particularly control etc. They are good fun. We had a competition to name them and they are called Wall-E, HAL (not that the kids knew who HAL was), Robbie, R2D2 and C3P0
    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      Thats one of the things I want to see at BETT whilst there, I have been trying to convince my work to get it and replace flowel with it!
    1. bio's Avatar
      bio -
      We have them here as well.. students find them great fun

    1. Admiral208's Avatar
      Admiral208 -
      At my old school, we had 3 of these and they are brilliant!! We used to enter competitions held at HP in Bristol. The kids had to program the robots to complete different challenges and compete against other schools.

      As trips go, thats a good one!!
    1. Domino's Avatar
      Domino -
      I was quite impressed that they've thought about lesson planning and cross curricular learning.

      There's certainly a lot of scope for fun with that kit though :-)