• Joyous Christmas post spam on EduGeek

    Those of you that were checking edugeek over the festive may have noticed the mass of spam posts appearing on the site. At the time there was no obvious reason for why the spam bots were able to get around our reCAPTCHA protection but apparently reCAPTCHA has been cracked according to http://www.allspammedup.com/2010/01/...ptcha-cracked/ which explains a lot. That link came from vbulletin themselves as we were not the only ones that were hit by the spam post plague. I have since implemented an additional 2 different systems to try and ensure spam bots cant get signed up but neither are 100% flawless as some spammers actually use real people to fox the registration forms.

    Another issue over the festive was that it appears spammers have decided to spoof edugeek's domain to send mass mail to large numbers of users. The emails dont come from our servers etc but sadly that means there is nothing we can do. So far all the spam has come from fake @edugeek.net email addresses rather then any official ones and usually when looking at the headers the senders ip is from a adsl connection in the states etc.