• My 1st St@tus Scam

    Facebook has been targeted by the My 1st St@tus scam spread not only through the social network itself, but also via Twitter.

    Users are being tricked into clicking a link that claims to find their first ever Facebook status and post it on their wall. The post contains randomly generated content instead of the user's first ever status but one thing remains constant, they all have links to a malicious survey.

    When filled in, this survey allows the scammers to sell personal information on and sign users up to spam E-Mail lists and premium rate phone services. The malicious link will also install a rogue application that posts spam messages on the user's wall that attempt to trick their friends into filling in the survey.

    Sophos has a video of what to do if you become infected, along with further information of the attack, on their Naked Security blog.
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    1. Olliegami's Avatar
      Olliegami -
      Oh man, I've already seen people on FB who have done this.

      Aren't I glad I was feeling too tired to be bothered to do it myself at the time?
    1. bladedanny's Avatar
      bladedanny -
      I've seen loads of people do this too.
    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      Beware, a second scam is running regarding a film streaming website. It's a scam too!
    1. FN-GM's Avatar
      FN-GM -
      I have seen it go around before. I have also noticed the same thing can happen but instead of showing your first status it claims to show you whos viewing your profile.
    1. gwendes's Avatar
      gwendes -
      If you do want to find out what your first post was you can use the download information link (think it's under account settings) and facebook will send you a text file - just scroll to the bottom
    1. Tunster's Avatar
      Tunster -
      Unfortunately the stupid/technically unaware/lazy people will hook onto these like they're worth a million pounds (rather than doing research first). Seen many people do it and it looks suspicious straight away with the way it sets out the text!