• Our secret 30,000 members competition!!

    We have been rather sneaky recently. As we knew we were to hit 30,000 members we decided that it would be good to run a competition to celebrate the fact, however simply giving a prize to our 30,000th member wouldn't be fair as existing members could create multiple accounts in the hope of winning (as if you would be so sneaky!). This also would not be fair to long standing members who have contributed a lot. So we ran a secret poll using the following criteria.

    The winner must:

    1. Have more than 30 forum posts.

    2. Have posted at least 1 month before the draw is held

    3. Have been a member for over a certain period of time (say 6 months)

    And the Winner of an Apple iPad courtesy of IDG Communications (not sure what version, so please stand by!) is:


    Well done, and I hope it makes a nice early Christmas present for you. If you could let us know your details please PM me. However is you are attending BETT we could do a little presentation then if you'd like

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    1. Hightower's Avatar
      Hightower -
      Well done Scruff. Congratulations!

      Now you'll be able to prop open any door of your choosing

      Well done EduGeek again too
    1. tech_guy's Avatar
      tech_guy -
      Do I sense iPad envy? You've either got one or you 'aven't......

    1. davehill1974's Avatar
      davehill1974 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tech_guy View Post
      Do I sense iPad envy? You've either got one or you 'aven't......

      Or had one and promptly took the rubbish back... like me!