• Video Nasty For Devon Primary

    A primary school in Abbotsham, Devon has been thrust into the media spotlight after a teacher accidentally played a clip from an adult film to her class according to The Register.

    The video clip was accidentally played to the class after the teacher, who hasn't been named, brought a VHS Player in to the school to play an educational tape after the school's one had broken down. Unfortunately the VHS player belonging to the teacher had an adult film loaded and began playing the explicit content to the class.

    Devon County Council have said the teacher was disciplined for the incident but parents are outraged, claiming they were not informed of the incident in good time and accused the school of attempting to cover it up.
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    1. PiqueABoo's Avatar
      PiqueABoo -
      A stunned class <snip>Four children briefly saw..
      A very little class then? A reaction we, and certainly the press, know absolutely nothing about. I'd have expected typical 10 yr olds to think this was the most hilarious thing that had happened all year. They'll be out in the playground passing the story down for generations now surely?

      One mother fulminated..
      Naah.. they never do that.. all mothers are far too busy balancing the weight of the world on their shoulders to be bothered by this kind of trivia.

      .."We are absolutely shocked and disgusted to hear about this. We assumed this was another playground rumour"
      Playground rumour [told you]? But you mean your child wasn't one of the viewers and thus so distraught that you immediately enquired why and discovered the rough story from them?

      Accidents happen and teacher was doubtless mortified. I'm a bit annoyed that anyone thought "disciplinary measures" had a place here.

      PS: The bit that subconsciously kept nagging me: Does anyone who sends their kids to CE VA schools actually possess any of those traditional Christian virtues any more? Forgiving of course being a well-known Christian duty, as opposed to say "fulminating" in the company of journalists.