• Impero v3.0 Released

    Good news for all of you Impero users and fans out there. Impero has released version 3 of its network and classroom management software. It's rather exciting for us at EduGeek as we had some input into it's features and layout, and I look forwards to doing a complete review of it soon. You can also visit them at BETT on stand G63 (not far from us in fact). In the mean time you can see more here:

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    1. MGSTech's Avatar
      MGSTech -
      Its been out a while and just passed V3.054!
    1. mrbios's Avatar
      mrbios -
      Been using it since v3.0.36 or 37 (along those lines), fantastic program and exceptional support. If every company made software with the attitude they do it'd be fantastic! Really can't praise them enough.
    1. russdev's Avatar
      russdev -

      Technically you been using beta versions official released version only came out other day..

    1. mac_shinobi's Avatar
      mac_shinobi -
      Keep me posted on your review - would like to see your thoughts / comments / etc
    1. garethedmondson's Avatar
      garethedmondson -
      Ai - us too have been using it for a while. Excellent product but we don't use it yet to it's full potential. We are on 3.0.54 but have had a couple of issues which the guys have sorted out. There is an active support forum and they have just launched their new website.

      As for the problem - our machines didn't update from .53 to .54 leaving remnants on the machines. Another user wrote a script and it has been fixed. We are just cleaning up the mess it made now. Otherwise an excellent program and one we will be sticking with - providing the school can afford the yearly support cost.

      The guys are always available on email and do everything they can to make sure you are okay with the product.

    1. garyjepp's Avatar
      garyjepp -
      Any news on SoftXpand compatibility yet?
    1. maark's Avatar
      maark -
      We have been using it for a while now - agree the support is very good.
      We had a few teething problems but working on all student machines now - including a load of wireless trolleys with no problem.
      Very good for keeping students on task - also useful for bullying, child protection type stuff as logs of sessions are kept and keywords flagged.
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      MGSTech -
      Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
      Keep me posted on your review - would like to see your thoughts / comments / etc
      Not fantastically happy about being used as a beta tester without realizing it! but 3.0.54seems stable and couldn't agree more these guys go the extra mile when we have any issues.