• Fake AV Push for Royal Marriage

    Scammers have jumped on the bandwagon for the recently announced royal marriage to push Fake Antivirus software to web users.

    As part of a campaign to poison search results for popular topics, criminals have been tricking search engines into linking to malicious pages that attempt to persuade users into installing a fake update for Mozilla Firefox. The fake update installs malicious software on to the user's computer which displays harrassing messages to purchase antivirus software from the scammers.

    Websense has reported that 22.4% of search results in the Top 100 for big news stories are malicious links, overtaking searches for the adult industry at 21.8%. The same method has also been used in the past for other major news events such as Rememberance Day. Image results are also being used as an attack vector by scammers.

    More information on the attacks can be found here.
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    1. TopBanana's Avatar
      TopBanana -
      how come when i click on that i just get a message saying I cannot view because of priviledges ?
    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      Which link? They both work for me.
    1. pete's Avatar
      pete -
      Quote Originally Posted by TopBanana View Post
      how come when i click on that i just get a message saying I cannot view because of priviledges ?
      Because they've got Apache rules that only allow it to be accessed in a certain way (say clicking the link in an email) to make it harder to detect and remove the compromised site?

      Edit, wait - you mean the websense link? Works fine here.
    1. TopBanana's Avatar
      TopBanana -
      so how come it does the same when i click on the edugeek logo ?
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