• Google Goes Secure

    In case you were not aware search giant Google has added encryption to it's search results on the new beta Google SSL page. The encryption is intended to allow users to make search results without any third parties intercepting the search term.

    The page can be reached by visiting https://encrypted.google.com but Google do stress that search results you click on can still be intercepted by an ISP unless the page you visit also uses the https:// protocol. Network administrators may also want to block the https://encrypted.google.com subdomain as it can interfere with web filtering systems.

    More information can be found on the Google SSL Details page.
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      mavhc -
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      Geoff -
      broken url links due to bold tags :P
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      ZeroHour -
      Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
      broken url links due to bold tags :P
      Cheers, fixed
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      FN-GM -
      Still doesnt work (first 2 links)
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      Quote Originally Posted by FN-GM View Post
      Still doesnt work (first 2 links)
      ? both are fine for me, all 3 links work.
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      They do now but when i posted they didnt, hmmmmm....
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      Adding what I find:

      First two links do not work for me.

      Third one does.
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      ah, Yesterday i used firefox on mac and they didnt work. Now i use IE and they work.....
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      The only thing I can think is it was cache as I used FF on mac to make the edits last night.
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