• 30% of smart boards have their warranty activated. Activate To Win

    Apparently as title says only 30% of smarts boards have the free warranty activated on it.

    Smart Technologies are running a campaign which ends on 31 August 2010 that has been designed to raise the awareness of the benefits of registering for the SMART Board IWBs warranty. Schools registering for the warranty will be selected each week for a range of prizes including a laptop trolley filled with 30 Fizzbook Spin 10.1" mini tablet PCs with WIN7 starter, one of 75 SMART Response PE 32 handset kits and one of 100 SMART Slate units.

    Schools wanting to take part in the promotion should register online at http://www.activatemywarranty.co.uk using their unique activation code. Any enquiries should be addressed to distributor Steljes Customer Services on 08450 747 007.
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    1. AyatollahPies's Avatar
      AyatollahPies -
      Shame it ends during the school holidays.
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      witch -
      " THEIR", Russ, - Not "THERE"

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      meastaugh1 -
      I tried registering using the activation code when I received it, I got an error reporting that my request could not be processed, but someone would contact me in the next few days; unsurprisingly they didn't.
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      russdev -

      sorry missed that one now edited.
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      matt40k -
      Be nice if you could active more then, was it 30? at a time.