• Google Waves Goodbye

    The much hyped Google Wave communication platform is to be scrapped by search giant Google. The company blog has announced the user adoption of Wave was insufficient and it will no longer be developed as a standalone product.

    Wave is expected to remain operational until the end of the year at minimum. However, Google points out that the core technologies used in Wave are are Open Source and this allows for other companies or communities to continue the project.

    Elements of Wave may also appear in future Google products.
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    1. jumpinjamez's Avatar
      jumpinjamez -
      Could be the making of the Wave, anyone see BBc`s Radio 6 listening figures ?
    1. bkindle's Avatar
      bkindle -
      Saw this one coming after trying it once. I was rather disappointed in it and found it hard to believe that Google developed it.
    1. tech_guy's Avatar
      tech_guy -
      I was initially excited about it but was rather disappointed by it when it launched and the realisation came that it was a lump of lard.
    1. CyberNerd's Avatar
      CyberNerd -
      This is an interesting post mortem:

      Google's Wave flop: Spare us the warm fuzzies ? The Register