• BSF - Building Scrapped for Future (In Places)

    Large swathes of the controversial Building Schools for Future (BSF) project have been cut today by Michael Grove, Secretary of State.

    The list, published here by the BBC, details a list of all BSF projects in the country and which ones have been stopped or will continue. As a general rule of thumb, a BSF project should go ahead if the Local Authority (LA) has obtained Financial Closure. Local Authorities who haven't attained this closure have a very high risk of their BSF projects being stopped.

    The debate, which ran in the House of Commons between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, was also marred by the failure of Michael Gove to supply MPs with the list of schools and their status in the scope of the BSF cuts. The list itself did not make it into the Commons Library until after the debate had started and only one copy was made available forcing MPs to queue. The result was a number of MPs standing up and "begging for information on an individual basis." Typically, copies of important documents are left on the centre table for all MPs to collect and look at during a debate.

    However, amidst the swathes of budget cuts some good news was announced for Senior Leadership Teams in need of funding. A statement was made that schools suffering from dilapidated grounds would receive favourable treatment in future financial decisions. No further details were given on the statement during the debate leaving questions as to how much and who will be eligible.

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      davipton -
      Gove announced yesterday that sample schools and some academies have been allocated funds. Look on the DfE website for further details