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    Today OpenDNS have introduced a new service called FamilyShield, a free simple to use way for parents to protect their children from inappropriate content while online.

    By changing the DNS settings on either the router or connected devices to point to FamilyShields servers users will benefit from protection similar to that found in schools. Filter lists are constantly updated so users are always protected.

    Detailed instructions are available on their website including the details on how to update a large number of different brands of routers.

    After a quick dig around my Orange Livebox it would seem they don’t allow users to modify their DNS settings so went down the route of changing the details on my laptop. 5 minutes later and I was protected.

    As a quick test I typed the word porn into goggle and I must say I was impressed. From the first 5 pages only 1 site got through. Even going further down the search list and clicking random links proved fruitless as FamilyShield notified that the sites were blocked. I then tried the old favourite, web proxies and got the same blocked message.

    Now add to that phishing" websites and virus-spreading malware websites and you have a service that an excellent first line of defence to keep porn and malware off your computers.

    I will be recommending this to all staff and parents in the schools I support, not to mention adding it onto staff laptops and hopefully reduce the number of malware infections.

    OpenDNS Blog Post

    FamilyShield Website
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    1. PEO's Avatar
      PEO -
      thats excellent cheers
    1. elsiegee40's Avatar
      elsiegee40 -
      That looks great! I've stuck it on my parental recommendations already.