• Skydrive and Office, Live

    Users of Microsoft's Live service now have the Redmond firm's answer to Google docs available to them. Visit http://office.live.com and you can access Skydrive, an online cloud-based service allowing you to store documents and access the web-based 2010 versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote.

    The service is free to use and requires a Windows Live Passport login. Testing today did reveal LA filtering succesfully blocking the social media aspects of the Live service while still allowing the documents feature to work (though SkyDrive itself may be classed as Open Resource Sharing for some LAs).
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    1. EduTech's Avatar
      EduTech -
      I use skydrive to sync my one note documents, currently working alot with OneNote as it seems to be very useful!

      I can see also how students might be able to use OneNote to make notes during lessons and have it sync'd at home. Especially for those schools whom have the laptops for students on a Wide basis within the college i guess.

    1. mac_shinobi's Avatar
      mac_shinobi -
      doh - Keep mis reading sky drive for sky dive - would love to do another sky dive !!