• Announcing the EduGeek Logon Tracker

    At the conference in Chorley we have announced a new piece of software for you all to use for free. It was developed by OP Software by request from us as we saw a need for a proper solution in schools. Its primary role is to log users that login to your network.
    The EduGeek Logon Tracker allows you to:
    • Limits concurrent logins to 1
    • Uses MS SQL database for storage of tracking data
    • Web based frontend for reporting and searching
    • Web based login spy for real-time login tracking
    • Web site securable with one line change
    • Very easy to deploy and use
    • Support for Windows 7 & Server 2008

    For a more complete description please see the slideshow from the conference for now until the projects site is updated. We will be posting downloads later in this article.

    Conf Presentation: http://www.edugeek.net/files/conf201...ontracker.pptx

    Download V1.00 Beta: - Click Here (1.2mb zip)
    Instructions are inside each folder.

    NOTE: some browser (chrome) have issues downloading the file, please right click->save as if your having issues.


    Q: Does it recognise that a user has not logged off correctly?

    A: Yes, if the user logs back on to the same PC a mesage is logged to the database saying the user did not log off correctly and the session is reset, however if they logoin to another PC they would still be prompted that they are logged onto the other PC do they want to log it off?

    If, however, another user logs onto the first PC before the original user logs back on the sessions are reset, with messages posted to the database about the activity that has taken place.#

    Q: Can it allow more than 1 concurrent logon, i.e. for staff?

    A: Not at the moment but it is very easy to change this so it can, if we get enough requests for this we can get this added.

    Q:Can this run on CC3 Networks?

    A: We have fully tested this in live school environments running vanilla 2003 / 2008 networks and are confident in its working, as we do not have access to CC3 we have not tested and would look for feedback from users of this type of network on its ability and if required we can makes changes if there are any issues.

    Q: How do we deply this to client PCs?

    A: There is no deplyment to clients required as this is a zero footprint application.

    Q: Can the tool be customised?

    A: The website and the scripts are fully commented and broken down into blocks that allows for full customisation of message logged to the database and those that are displayed to the user. However to put thois in place requires minimal changes for it to run out of the box.
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    1. sippo's Avatar
      sippo -
      How do I install the website part of this? The instructions only tell you how to change the GPO.
    1. kesomir's Avatar
      kesomir -
      Does this work with terminal services?
    1. Blackadder's Avatar
      Blackadder -
      Awesome, well done and importantly thank you!
    1. jonathanhaddock's Avatar
      jonathanhaddock -
      I have a query regarding the security implications of this solution, if I may.

      I notice from Website\HOW TO INSTALL.txt that you have to customise the logon and logoff scripts to include an administrative username and password and the database credentials. Given that all authenticated users on the domain can read group policy scripts from Sysvol, it wouldn't be difficult for a student (or any user) to obtain administrative credentials by finding the relevant Group Policy Container, searching for all .vbs files and then reading the details from the file (which is stored as plain text).

      Given the clear implications here, could you advise of some methods to limit / remove the risk. I appreciate, it would take a user with some knowledge or luck to do this but it wouldn't be difficult and there are some nosey users out there.

      Don't mean to pooh pooh the product but I am concerned.

    1. ZeroHour's Avatar
      ZeroHour -
      Sorry for the delay in the update, I am chasing down the updated version from the original developers which hopefully will pass it on to me soon.
    1. victory2009's Avatar
      victory2009 -
      any news.......
    1. burgemaster's Avatar
      burgemaster -
      incase it hasnt been mentioned the website section instructions are actually a copy of the script setup instructions.
    1. timbo343's Avatar
      timbo343 -
      i cant get this to work... can someone help me please.

      On login, i get an error on line 115 character 1. SQL server does not exist or access denied. I know its there as i have set the blooming thing up and can see the database.

      Also, i am getting an error in line 4 on the website side of this.
    1. fiza's Avatar
      fiza -
      All seems to have gone quiet.
      Does anyone have any instructions for the website side of things? Please share if you do.
    1. c-l-w's Avatar
      c-l-w -
      Hi new here just looking and its looking good there is a program called userlock which i was using befor my upgrade this does what i need it to do but is expensive the EduGeek Logon Tracker needs to have similar for me to move away if this can be done im sure a lot more people will be interested keep up the good work the EduGeek.
    1. fiza's Avatar
      fiza -
      @ZeroHour What happened with Edugeek Logon Tracker?
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