• Shiny new ranks are live

    Paul (SYSMAN_MK) sent me over the final designs for the new ranks and I have put them live right now.
    Thanks again to Paul for all the hard work.

    Enjoy all

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      Quote Originally Posted by HTCIT View Post
      Will the BETT Staff badges go live?
      I thought there was already Bett badges, perhaps they were before the new badges?
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      Lol...2simple software had an area called Purple Mash!

      I do wonder why i pose for photos....can i point out that BETT has put me on a diet!
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      The old rank of EduBett (attached) was set up for those who helped out in the very early days, or who provided access to resources (helped us get kit onto the stand or persuade folk to sponsor us when we had *no* money at all). A few others also got it from speaking at conferences / workshops.

      With the new badges coming out, the removal of donations (and so no more new folk joining the 'supporters' rank) and the growth of the use of rep ... I don't think the ranks mean that much anymore other than Admin, Mod or Member.

      Ranks just create a hierarchy and can generate cliques ...

      Awards though ... that might be an interesting route to go. I like the way Certforums do theirs.
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      I don't care if I get a new badge or not, I am just glad I was allowed to help!
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      here here...