• Shiny new ranks are live

    Paul (SYSMAN_MK) sent me over the final designs for the new ranks and I have put them live right now.
    Thanks again to Paul for all the hard work.

    Enjoy all

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    1. Duane_Dibbley's Avatar
      Duane_Dibbley -
      I've always fancied being a god...
    1. Gatt's Avatar
      Gatt -
      Can I get a Borgified one please
    1. Little-Miss's Avatar
      Little-Miss -
    1. Little-Miss's Avatar
      Little-Miss -
      PS: I meant sponser not supporter...oops!
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      Quote Originally Posted by jonwoods123 View Post
      I've always fancied being a god...
      It's not all it's cracked up to be, trust me.
    1. EduTech's Avatar
      EduTech -
      Oooo Very Nice! I like
    1. Gonk's Avatar
      Gonk -
      very nice... me likey
    1. mac_shinobi's Avatar
      mac_shinobi -
      Quote Originally Posted by danrhodes View Post
      Does that mean Dos_Box (God status) has to grow a white beard, and wear white robes at BETT next year? (Taken from the "general" idea of what the Christian "God" looks like")
      Why not just make a badge that says "Gandalf" from lord of the rings movies lol, instead of member it should be borg or borgified or something as above - what do you think ?
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      Quote Originally Posted by danrhodes View Post
      Does that mean Dos_Box (God status) has to grow a white beard, and wear white robes at BETT next year? (Taken from the "general" idea of what the Christian "God" looks like")
      It was a surprise that the Admins dumped on DB to remind him that he is boss and was originally 'EduGod'. Since the site now covers more than just education it only makes sense that the staff remove the 'edu' bit from the badges.
    1. vikpaw's Avatar
      vikpaw -
      ooh, ahh
      me gusta
      can we get a swooshing sound a la star trek everytime we change page?
    1. SYNACK's Avatar
      SYNACK -
      I do like that the Mod bars are in cornflower blue, it does make me wonder loudly about Project Mayhem. Even if I am breaking the first rule of Project Mayhem by just mentioning it
    1. EduTech's Avatar
      EduTech -
      I want a Blue Badge! that is a very nice blue
    1. tom_newton's Avatar
      tom_newton -
      Woo, thanks for my shiny green badge

      Now.. i just need to be able to click the "SmoothWall" bit, and get a list of all my colleagues: nile_c, robf, robot, ipballe, daniel_barron, gav, datalas... who else... I think claire & sean are on here, but don't know their usernames... and the MD is on, but he's lurking (hi George!).
    1. garethedmondson's Avatar
      garethedmondson -
      I'd like an EduMod badge but I'm not a moderator but would offer my services if a spot came up.

    1. nephilim's Avatar
      nephilim -
      I think by how regular, at least 3 posts a day (average) would cover it surely....as for length I could not tell you!
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      Quote Originally Posted by theeldergeek View Post
      How long is long, and how regular is regular?
      So regular that you see their 'Supporter' rank tab, and they have been around since before we stopped taking donations (about 2 years back?).
    1. Edu-IT's Avatar
      Edu-IT -
      Quote Originally Posted by ZeroHour View Post
      We are not intending to supply to all for now. The second title will make more sense soon, expect some more info in the next week.
      That's a shame as it was quite helpful to see. That said, most people have applied proper footers now.

      Will eagerly await the information.
    1. ZeroHour's Avatar
      ZeroHour -
      I am thinking we will rework the requirements for Supporter status since we dont really plan to reintroduce donations at this stage.
      I will have a think about criteria for it tonight.
    1. ZeroHour's Avatar
      ZeroHour -
      Quote Originally Posted by theeldergeek View Post
      What I meant was, if you are no longer taking donations, but members can be 'upgraded' to 'supporter' status based on the longevity of their membership and their activity, then what criteria must be met for that to happen?

      For example, I have been a member since Sept 2006 and have made circa 1000 posts to the forums. Would that qualify me as a 'supporter'? I've never contributed hard cash to the 'cause' and actually I'm not that worried if I'm a member, supporter or A N Other status, but if supporters are only those who are long standing members and have contributed to the cause, then that clarifies it.

      It appears you didnt get notifed of my post before you finished entering your message
      It will be reworked soon.
    1. elsiegee40's Avatar
      elsiegee40 -
      I've got the Supporter badge, but TBH if you're not careful you're making it do the same thing as rep. It would probably be better to remove it. Yes I made cash donations to edugeek in the past, but it's not relevant now. I'm a member like evryone else. The ones who need to be identified are those doing things like mods jobs... which I'm not (although I will admit to telling one or two people to grow up! )
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