• We are live with vb4!

    Enjoy, there are a few issues (category links broken, login form not styled propely) but hopefull most of it all should work.

    Fixes for issues will be coming soon as well as some new features but initially this is vb4 relatively flat.
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    1. R0M's Avatar
      R0M -
      Looks Awesome, Nice Job!
    1. SYNACK's Avatar
      SYNACK -
      Great stuff ZH, it looks good and renders quicker too
    1. CPLTD's Avatar
      CPLTD -
      very slick guys well done
    1. beeswax's Avatar
      beeswax -
      Nice piece of work.
    1. powdarrmonkey's Avatar
      powdarrmonkey -
      Now I understand the outage

      edit: noooo, my star!
    1. ful56_uk's Avatar
      ful56_uk -
      love the new look
    1. mac_shinobi's Avatar
      mac_shinobi -
      2nd that - looks great. I miss having the front page with the latest posts though - I did see the new posts link though, ah well.
    1. mb2k01's Avatar
      mb2k01 -
      Well done - generally good. I hope the recent topics section comes back featuring prominently on the homepage though...
    1. danIT's Avatar
      danIT -
      Feels a bit clunky and slow to render, suspect its all the javascript.

      Seems to be a bit of a pause when viewing forum posts where the background of the page loads.

      No to rounded corners.
    1. gibbo_ap's Avatar
      gibbo_ap -
      very well done, am loving - off to bug check :P
    1. duncane's Avatar
      duncane -
      My thoughts depend on how I view it... on my 32" (but only 1280x720 pixel) ubuntu-based machine in Firefox - it feels cluttered. It looks fine on my 19" 1280x1024 windows-based machine... although I prefer the rendering in Internet Explorer rather than Firefox. (The curves and shadows detract a little for me.)

      BUT... I shall get used to it, I'm sure.
    1. duncane's Avatar
      duncane -
      Ok, colour me confused... but why does it show "11 comments" at the top, but only show "3 comments" underneath? When I click on the "11 comments" it takes me back to this page...
    1. WithoutMotive's Avatar
      WithoutMotive -
      Lookin' lovely.
    1. Soulfish's Avatar
      Soulfish -
      Liking the new style
    1. leco's Avatar
      leco -
      Good work ZH and thanks. One thing - large space in each post after the message and before the sig. Means a lot of scrolling on my small laptop screen. Just noticed, sorry, is it because of the stuff in the left hand pane
    1. SYSMAN_MK's Avatar
      SYSMAN_MK -
      well done to all those involved in making the transition to vb4 much kudos to the ninja zerohour. Looking good here on a nokia 5230. Cant wait to have a play on a real pc next weekend.
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      Bring back EG v1!!!!
    1. duncane's Avatar
      duncane -
      Quote Originally Posted by duncane View Post
      Ok, colour me confused... but why does it show "11 comments" at the top, but only show "3 comments" underneath? When I click on the "11 comments" it takes me back to this page...
      A hah! That's just the front page news item... which is different from this thread... although when you click on the number of comments at the top it should really link you to this thread... so I'm right at the same time as being wrong...
    1. tmcd35's Avatar
      tmcd35 -
      Nice one Tony, does anyone have screenshots of v1?

      Looks good - well done ZH. Just one question - where has ispy moved to?
    1. Face-Man's Avatar
      Face-Man -
      I like the "What New" tab and the colour coding. Well done.
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