• EduGeek Conf 2010- 2nd June, Chorley

    Well, the room is booked and we have speakers now queuing up, so whos coming. I've initially booked for 60 people, but can go alot higher if required. The hotel arrangements will be the same with the Ibis hotel in Preston being the base and a coach will pick you up and take you to the conf in the morning and drop you back at the hotel later, and the usual freebies will be there as well as some special EduGeek 2010 t-shirts and clothing on sale.
    One idea I've had after meeting the Aruba guys earlier in the month is to have a Ruckus-Aruba 'shoot out'. So if you have a laptop please bring it and we shall see just what bandwidth we can squeeze out of one access point!!
    So who's coming then?

    P.S. For those new members here I forgot to add that the conf is free to attend as we pick up all the bills. All you have to do is get yourself here, but please note that it costs us around £35 per head, so there is no dropping out at the last minute unless you want a bill!
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    1. Tony_Giddings's Avatar
      Tony_Giddings -
      PLease book me a seat for the Conference.

      to confirm email, agiddings@connectededucation.com

    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Giddings View Post
      PLease book me a seat for the Conference.

      to confirm email, agiddings@connectededucation.com

      Are you coming from a company? I forgot to add that commercial visitors must pay for their seats, as we always set out to provide free places only for school techies who never get allowed to go to conferences for 'financial' reasons.
    1. shoggie's Avatar
      shoggie -
      Ho do we sign up for the conference?
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      I shall post up an email address soon to send your details to.
    1. Domino's Avatar
      Domino -
      What kind of biscuits do we get...?
    1. john's Avatar
      john -
      Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
      What kind of biscuits do we get...?
      I thought you would want that pie thingy, what was it Butter Pie?
    1. Gatt's Avatar
      Gatt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
      What kind of biscuits do we get...?
      A box of those broken ones from Netto (£2 a box!)
    1. reggiep's Avatar
      reggiep -
      It was great last year and would really like to come this year.
    1. AWicher's Avatar
      AWicher -
      Booked the week off work. @Dos_Box We going to Prego's? (Formerly, le frog) the day b4 again?

      2nd, for Butter Pie
    1. Domino's Avatar
      Domino -
      Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
      I thought you would want that pie thingy, what was it Butter Pie?
      AHHHH, butter potato pie...
    1. ICTNUT's Avatar
      ICTNUT -
      As usual we will be there, looking forward to the "night before"

      Hmm I may have to phone the Ibis hotel and get them to stock up for us as we seemed to empty the bar last time
    1. adamw's Avatar
      adamw -
      i am in Chorley a lot so i will deffently be there this year it sounds like fun!
    1. kadjas's Avatar
      kadjas -
      Long, long drive for me...
      So what's the deal? What to expect apart from getting hammered the night before?
    1. pauldrans's Avatar
      pauldrans -
      I will be attending.

      Is there a start time?

      /Paul D
    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      Count me in again.
    1. powdarrmonkey's Avatar
      powdarrmonkey -
      So, it's under six weeks to the conference and I still need to justify it to the powers that be (like, really soon) but I still don't know who's speaking about what or how to register. Are there any details available yet?

      Seriously, I have open conference management software available and I'm more than happy to take a lead in getting registration underway, but you have to sanction it first - I don't want to feel I'm taking over. If it's just that you're short of time, we can fix that...
    1. Devontechie's Avatar
      Devontechie -
      I am thinking about coming up for the conference (would be first time at an Edugeek conference). Was wondering if there was any details about who is speaking? Would like to know before I book (long way from Sunny Devon)
    1. ahuxham's Avatar
      ahuxham -
      I'm with Powdarrmonkey, any news, or any viable options for those that can't drive all the way up North?

      Perhaps next conference can be more central? And before its said Chorley may be central if you count the tip of Scotland, but its not central to the populous!
    1. azrael78's Avatar
      azrael78 -
      I'm in the same boat as Stevehill06 really - except I'm in Somerset as opposed to Sunny Devon

      So I have to hold off booking anything until I know what the schedule is - who is speaking, what are they speaking about - what's the timeframe for the entire conference?

      Not all of us can simply 'grab' a day or 2 off work and then find the cash to get to the conference.

      Some of us actually need to organise it and save up - of course if we don't know what's going on at the conference, then it's very difficult to actually justify the time or money.

    1. sparkeh's Avatar
      sparkeh -
      Like others I need to justify a trip to a conference so some details to present to the boss would be appreciated.

      I think the issue of location has come up before, I think that having meetings in other parts of the country or moving the conference round the country so that everyone has a chance to attend at some point would be a good idea.
      If time is an issue I am sure that there are more than enough willing people around the country willing to help organise.
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