• Current forum silliness, an end

    Right, it's time for me to smack down the meter ruler on the front desk and shout 'QUIET!'.
    Now I have your attention, I'm going to lay down the rules on how EduGeek works....again.
    This is my town, and whilst many of you have set up nice houses and get on well with your neighbours, some of you have decided that you can do what you want. Mainly this is visitors to the site who have little or no respect or knowledge of the rules we use here, so I'll lay it out for you.
    We are one of the most respected IT sites in the world. EduGeek is where BIG companies come (and lurk) to get feedback and information on their products and services. What you say and do here reflects on all of us as a profession, and it goes a long way, all the way to the top in some cases. When the chairman of RM sees fit to pay us a visit on the first day of BETT, and call us 'very important', he's not saying it lightly. EduGeek is mainly a place of serious discussion, and is famed for it, humour too plays a role, but when it starts to degenerate into the net equivalent of a Friday night in Blackpool then it's time to get the big stick out.
    Yes, humour is important, but when like us, you are viewed actively in schools and by law enforcement agencies, who view your posts on school security and pupil trends with great interest, then we must watch how we behave. We've breached that line between fun 'oo'er missus' innuendo and are now posting things unsuitable for viewing in the workplace.
    So it stops. Now. Immediately. No 'ifs' or 'buts'. There are other places to be juvenile (I go to two other online communities for this type for online socialising). EduGeek is a place where your voice and comments carry far further than you can possibly imagine. Please don't spoil this rather special place we have, they are rather rare you know.

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