• Review: Cyber Clean... The high-tech cleaning compound

    Whilst at BETT 2010, I had a chat with a guy about Cyber Clean. Basically, this anti-bacterial putty can be used for cleaning keboards, mice, kepads, etc... anything you touch with your fingers (except touch-screens).

    After a chat about how it comes in various sizes of container at various prices and about the benefits of using it over regular cleaning materials (e.g. foam cleaner or cleaning wipes), the guy offered me a sachet worth approx. £6. This sachet is meant to be good for cleaning about 50 keyboards so my immediate thought was it wasn't cheap stuff!

    Paul (my apprentice) and I have just evaluated the product and were quite disappointed! Although the putty-like substance does indeed work its way between keys and into crevices, it doesn't actually clean the surfaces! We even followed the two-stage instructions on the back of the packet... 'Just press & pull!"

    Even trying to de-dust equipment resulted in disappointment - blowing over the surfaces removed more dust!!!

    Next I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and clean the keyboard with AF Maxiclene first, using the Cyber Clean as an antibacterial cleaner afterwards. To be honest, I don't think it was worth the effort!

    To sum up, the product seemed like a brilliant idea but its execution was poor. As a material for disinfecting keyboards after they have been cleaned, maybe it's OK but it's a lot of money for cleaning clean things!
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