• Presenting the EduGeek App for Android and iOS

    EduGeek - The App

    We have just launched the EduGeek App for those of you on mobiles.
    iOS: Get it from http://edugeek.me/to/iosapp
    Android: Get it from http://edugeek.me/to/droidapp
    Kindle: Get it from http://edugeek.me/to/kindleapp

    The app is based on Tapatalk and supports push notifications for new replies, pm's and more.

    If you have any problems please post in the Site Problems forum.

    (Apologies for the US spelling of Favourites, we are trying to get a UK specific build)

    Android/Kindle Screenshots (more coming)

    iPhone Screenshots

    iPad Screenshots
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    1. ZeroHour's Avatar
      ZeroHour -
      New iOS version is out with a new colour style.
      Push notifications are not pushing properly currently but we should have that fixed soon.
    1. Little-Miss's Avatar
      Little-Miss -
      Must be broken. No purple...
    1. Eappariello's Avatar
      Eappariello -
      Works a treat - Thank you.
    1. Rawns's Avatar
      Rawns -
      The uploading of pictures via the iPad app is quality! Shame the iPad 2 camera quality is not that great...
    1. triggmiester's Avatar
      triggmiester -
      does it not work through a proxy then?

      - - - Updated - - -
    1. hil's Avatar
      hil -
      Will you be developing a windows 8 app?
    1. JHLEHS's Avatar
      JHLEHS -
      any good?
    1. Little-Miss's Avatar
      Little-Miss -
      *stupid question klaxon* how do I read PM's?
    1. X-13's Avatar
      X-13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Little-Miss View Post
      *stupid question klaxon* how do I read PM's?
      If the layout for iOS is the same as Android, it's at the top.

      An envelope looking icon.

      Le EDIT: Just checked. iOS is at the bottom, envelope icon, says "messages".
    1. elsiegee40's Avatar
      elsiegee40 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Little-Miss View Post
      *stupid question klaxon* how do I read PM's?
      @Little-Miss - In the black bar at the bottom of the iOS app there are 5 icons: Latest, Forum, Search, Messages and More
    1. SimpleSi's Avatar
      SimpleSi -
      Just downloaded and used it - works nicely

    1. Little-Miss's Avatar
      Little-Miss -
      hmmmm....something isn't right for me here....

      Attachment 17368
    1. flyinghaggis's Avatar
      flyinghaggis -
      Has anyone else with an iPhone experienced issues with the app affecting battery life. It may not be the edugeek app (as I installed a couple of others at the same time) but since installing it my battery seems to be draining around twice as fast as usual? Since uninstalling it yesterday my phone now seems to be OK so I'm fairly sure it was the edugeek app that caused it? Could it be a side effect of the way it's checking for updates/notifications as I subscribed to a couple of threads and that seemed to make things worse?

      I have an iphone 4s on IOS 6.1.3

      The application itself is aswesome though!
    1. LosOjos's Avatar
      LosOjos -
      One major annoyance on the Android app is that there's no way to get back to the forum list if you came in via a notification. There's no menu route (so far as I can tell) and hitting back exits the app entirely.
    1. SYNACK's Avatar
      SYNACK -
      I got an email a while back claiming that tapatalk had released a version for Windows Phone so hopefully they can get around to pulling the same Re-brand to get all of us poor neglected WP users up and running at some point.
    1. spadam's Avatar
      spadam -
      Just installed on my Nexus 4 from school and was hanging on the initial Splashscreen. Switched from WiFi to mobile network, restarted app and it loaded fine. I'm guessing this is just a local proxy filtering issue but I'll do a bit of digging tomorrow.
    1. Kingstech's Avatar
      Kingstech -
      I know this is old but is there any thought on a windows 8 app? I have the Android app and think it is great but i think a windows 8 app would work well when using my Tablet or office PC.